Communication Training

Apposite Communication skills help to enhance presentation skills.

Leadership Training

Proper leadership skills prepare individual to take the initiatives.

Corporate Training

The training prepares individual for their future ventures in corporate.

Soft Skills training

Right use of soft skills helps to overcome different professional challenges.


Communication skills are essential and can lead to greater professional success in the competitive job market in India. In every kind of relationship there is a need for enhancing communication skills whether it is a personal or professional level. Qi24, in kolkata, is a group of motivated individuals with a proven track record who believe that good communication training can bring about a positive and lasting change to an individual and subsequently a company.

Qi24 provides Sales Training, BPO Training, Staff Training & Development, Soft Skill Training, Leadership Training & Communication Skill Training. In kolkata, it has created one of the better places in its field by providing strategic and tactical corporate training

We believe that self management skills help individuals to identify their hidden talents thus we provide various types of corporate training in kolkata like bpo training, soft skill training, communication skill training, leadership training and sales training. We want to contribute to the growth of business by performing a SWOT analysis vis-à-vis the current market scenario in India. So that Qi24 is able to provide you with a customized step-by-step approach to maximize on your strength. Sales training does not only increase the personality of an employee but also upgrade the self management skills to change the structure of the company and business. Sales training depends on both product and concept -selling situation. The prosperity and popularity of successful companies is the result of continuous communication training. BPO training is important to have good amount of business knowledge and required expertise. Emphasizing more on their personalities, problem-solving skills, leadership skills and business skills.

The most successful people in the world have mastered on the self management skills of effective communication and it is a fact that most successful businesses in the world are riding on effective communication. Communication training, Corporate training, Staff training and development are very essential for improving your business. In India Qi24 drives businesses forward by identifying a client's knowledge gaps and providing a customized methodology for acquiring the information.